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6CD Radio Button Set

8) button set for GM 6CD truck radio's. These are brand new OEM GM radio buttons for 2003 - 2006 full size GM trucks or SUV's with 6 CD radio. The radio will need to have the face plate removed to replace any buttons with the exception of the volume and tune knobs. These light up the factory color at night, not recommended for use in the Denali with blue lighting.

These are original OEM Delphi buttons not aftermarket, so they will fit perfectly.

  • NOTE: The radio pictured below is NOT for sale. This picture shows which radio these buttons will fit.
  • Please be sure the buttons you need look exactly like the picture of the radio.
  • Some radios may have different text printed on the tune button but it will still fit.
  • None of these buttons will fit a car radio, they are all truck radio buttons.
  • Some Colorado & Canyon radios look similar but are different, so please look carefully at the pictures. Some early Trailblazer, Envoy, Rainier and Iszu's will need the round circle knobs that fit around the volume and tune for these replacements to fit correctly.
  • Free shipping USPS 1st class mail.


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